Are Your Accounts Revealing too Much Information?

How Much Personal Information Are You Sharing With Complete Strangers?


With so many social media applications out there, its easy for your personal, private information to end up in the wrong hands.  Certain settings on your account(s) could be exposing extremely personal or sensitive information to people with nefarious intent.  

Personal photos of you and your loved ones can end up in the hands of complete strangers.  Also, information of your whereabouts can be used by people with criminal intent to target you or your property.

 Let Ready Protective Services conduct a review of your social media account(s) and provide you an assessment of your settings and behaviors along with a list of recommendations to reduce at risk behavior.

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Social Media Account Review


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A review of your social media accounts will be conducted.  A custom tailored report will be created for you outlining the risks associated with your social media behavior.  Recommendations will be provided to help you change settings for your accounts.  Prices vary based on amount and type of accounts so please submit a request for a quote using the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page.

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