Owner and Lead Consultant

Andrew Ready is a former U.S. Army Field Grade Military Intelligence Officer with over 21 years of active duty military service.  He served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts Degree in Management & Leadership, has formal instructor training, and has completed numerous military and civilian intelligence and security related courses.

Andy understands the importance of timely and accurate information.  He has spent nearly 10 years working overseas in the military and as a contractor.  He has REAL WORLD experience providing training and various types of assessments  for static security, personal security detail (PSD), and executive protection detail (EPD) assets in some of the highest threat locations around the world.


Operations Coordinator

Sarah Ready is the Operations Coordinator responsible for managing the day to day operations for Ready Protective Services, LLC.  She oversees advertising, schedules, and handles the  financial aspects of the business.  Sarah is also the primary point of contact for clients.  She answers questions, sets appointments, and follows up with clients to ensure they receive the quality service they deserve.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Sarah at

Licenses and Certifications